5 must see places in Odessa

Tolstoy's Palace

The magnificent palace, located on the Sabaneyev Bridge, still attracts the attention of both tourists and residents. The architect of this luxurious house is the well-known Franz Boffo, the author of a dozen buildings that have adorned Odessa for many years. Tolstoy's Palace is now known as the "House of Scientists". Almost everything here remained in its original form. Lush interiors, rich decoration - all this is very attractive to visitors. The beauty of the marble and white halls, walnut, silk and wooden living room is enchanting. It is said that sometimes in the white hall of the palace, which was set aside for balls, you can see the ghost of the Countess, waltzing. You will be captivated by the incredibly chic piano, which was once owned by the famous Hungarian composer Ferenc Liszt.
On the territory of the building (in the palace garden) there is an elegant restaurant "Sabaneev" with a romantic atmosphere and delicious dishes for the most demanding guests.

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

Legend of theatrical life of Ukraine, one of the favorite places of rest of Odessa and guests of the city. National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, located in the heart of Odessa. The Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, built by Richelieu, is the beauty and grandeur of the facade of ancient Odessa, and according to its planning and technical data, the building is not inferior to the best in Europe. No less chic and interior decoration. The auditorium, decorated in the style of the late French Baroque, is not only incredibly beautiful, but also functional. Incredible acoustics are created by the horseshoe-shaped construction of the building. Just imagine: the words of the actors, even uttered in whispers, are perfectly audible in all corners of the hall, which has a capacity of over 1507 spectators! "Giselle", "The Nutcracker", "Swan Lake", "Carmen", "Sleeping Beauty", "Don Quixote", "Natalka-Poltavka" and other world-famous theatrical productions that have become history come to life on the stage of the Opera House.
Also here are all the iconic and large-scale events of the city:
- concerts of stars of the Ukrainian and world scene;
- performances of opera and ballet legends;
- symphony concerts, in particular, organ;
- creative and anniversary evenings;
- spectacular 3D shows;
- various festivals.


"Passage" has been one of the symbols of Odessa for more than a century. This elegant house has been decorating the central part of our city since 1899. It was built according to the project of the famous and incredibly talented architect L. Wlodek. The elegant 19th century building is located at the intersection of Preobrazhenskaya and Deribasovskaya streets. In the Passage, with its glass baths, Baroque sculptural compositions on the facades and whimsical arches, there are shops, restaurants (including a real Irish pub), authentic cafes that are incredibly similar to typical French establishments, indoor shopping malls and a hotel. . It is important to note that due to the overwork of workers, the construction of the Passage lasted only 2 years. The statue of Fortune sitting on the ship can be seen if you enter the shopping center from Deribasovskaya Street. She looks thoughtfully into the distance, holding a torch in her hand, which seems to illuminate her path. If you intend to get to the building from the side of Preobrazhenskaya Street, then in your opinion will be a statue of Mercury on the train. And these are just two of the many sculptures that fill the Passage building. You can't even tell how beautiful they all are, each of them has an unusual sophistication. The architecture of the building is fascinating, it combines plastic Art Nouveau, Baroque and elegant classics. Many sculptures will watch you from all sides and will attract attention with their extraordinary beauty. It should be said that the "Passage" is the only building in Odessa, and possibly around the world, on the roof of which is a locomotive.

Privoz Market
To visit Odessa and not to visit the famous Odessa market "Priviz" - we can assume that you were not in Odessa then!
"Privoz" is not an ordinary bazaar, it is a feature and attraction of the city. Yes, it is a bazaar in the literal sense of the word, but, as the people of Odessa say, "you can buy everything there and a little more." This is the soul and heart of Odessa! People come here from all parts of the city, and guests of the city go on a tour. "Privoz" has a history. He has always been famous for a huge selection of goods, both expensive and cheap, and, of course, the number of buyers. Odessans are adamant that it was on this bazaar that the true Odessa language was born. Odessa is always home to a large number of people of completely different nationalities and therefore the Odessa language is a multi-cultural mixture of Ukrainian, Russian, Hebrew and other languages. Local historians claim that even before the revolution, it was at Privoz that they answered questions, wished health and were always up to date with all the news. At Privoz you can have breakfast, lunch and, if you have time, dinner for free. You can try and choose to your liking. Therefore, feel the Odessa flavor, taste the freshest and most delicious products, buy a "branded item" sewn on Malaya Arnautskaya. We recommend it to fans of live communication and fresh products.

Catacombs of Cantacuzino

The biggest advantage of this museum is that you can get to it without leaving the city center and without spending time on the road. In other words, this is a version of "light", which is perfect for tourists with children and those who are not ready for long routes. This museum is located in the old quarry of the Quarantine Beam. On convenient steps tourists descend approximately on 12 meters under the earth. Once upon a time, in the early 19th century, stone was mined here, and the length of the work was almost 100 meters.
The exposition will tell about the past of stonemasons, about their hard work and will allow you to see the finds donated by the land. And also learn about the history of the name of these catacombs.

Odessa is one of the most amazing places in Ukraine, whose popularity is growing every year. This city never sleeps and there is always something to see. Even if you have never dreamed of living by the sea, it is worth coming to Odessa. The local color, the boundless Black Sea and delicious Bessarabian cuisine will not leave indifferent any tourist.

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