Autumn discounts and special offers for RHG guests — we have not done this before!

We are sure that not only fans of the hotel chain, but also entrepreneurs will be happy with our news! We have been hatching the idea for a very long time and at last we can tell you about it.

We will not flout you with prolonged introductions — we have initiated and launched 3 new services for network guests, which will not only save your money, but also bring more pleasure.

Read more about the innovations and how the hotel service of the future is created in our article.

How did the idea born?

Let's admit that 2020 is a rather unusual and challenging year. Borders are closed for travel, and even moving between cities has become much more difficult. Not to mention the fact that the pandemic has affected the incomes of Ukrainians — both for entrepreneurs and hired employees. In a word, we could only dream of meeting you.

We could accept this situation, but this is not our approach. RHG finds a way out in any situation. With the whole team, we decided to launch services that will make hotels more accessible and attractive to people. Well, we really miss you! Next, we'll tell you what we came up with.

«Comfortable day»

The service that everyone was waiting for, especially the girls! This service will not only give you the opportunity to get ready without haste, but also save your finances without limiting the time of your stay at the hotel.

And the day is convenient because you can call in whenever you want, and leave in 24 hours. We canceled the check-in time and gave you maximum freedom of choice. Guests of the Bossfor can already take advantage of all the benefits of a «comfortable day». Play Hotel, Bortoli and Wall Street are expected to launch services further.

If earlier it was possible to check in only from 14:00, or by paying extra for an early check-in, now guests can arrive at any time within the booked date.

Check in at 18:00? Then we will fix the check-out time for you at 18:00 the next day. You can stay for at least 2 weeks. And theeeen ... we will provide you with even more discounts and services. Oh yes, that's not all. Intrigued? Read below.

Long stay

Discounts and bonuses for accommodation from 14 days. Giving a priority for a hotel over an apartment, you will get a lot of advantages for the same money.

What is included in the service:

  • concierge service — the reception will order a taxi and bring food to your room, as soon as you call;
  • mini-bar at a reduced price;
  • change of linen at the cost of washing.

How much will you save?

Cost of living:


  • ▪️ for 2 weeks: from 4500 UAH (savings from 64% for a Standard room).
  • ▪️ for a month: from 7000 UAH (savings from 73% for a Standard room).


We offer this service so far only to guests of the Bossfor hotel. And yes — living in the elite Arcadia has become more affordable than ever.

Business Stay

Simplified conditions for renting premises for an office or office. Only 7 thousand hryvnias per month — and you have your own personal work space, where no one will bother you. Peace and quiet in Arcadia itself at the Bossfor hotel. Rarity, tell me? From bonuses at the reception you will be ordered a lunch or a taxi, and the rental price includes high-speed Internet.

An important note and advice from us. Business Stay is especially suitable for setting up a beauty parlor or massage parlor. According to our statistics, hotel guests are happy to use the hotel's care services. This means that there will be much more profit!

We believe that with the help of these services we will bring the hotel industry in Ukraine to the new level. We also miss you so much. See you soon!

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