Journey in the rhythm of jazz. Tips to make trip the best trip ever.

How to have time to conquer the hearts of girls with sensitive musical performance, to see the city and fill yourself with energy before a new journey in just one day? What details to pay attention to when choosing a hotel, so that every minute of your stay in a new place is as pleasant and productive as possible?

We talked about this with talented performers of the Hungarian jazz group Silhouette and the charismatic Vinx. After all, who knows the answers to these questions if not musicians. Tours, continuous travel, new cities and countries — their life is much intensive than it may seems.

Winx Parrett (3rd from left) is known as a solo artist, as well as through collaboration with Sting, Stevie Wonder, Cassandra Wilson and other world stars. His singing 30 years ago struck Sting and now continues to amaze all jazz listeners. In combination with the music performed by the Hungarian band Silhouette, the voice of Winx sounds especially magic.

We are glad to see you in Odessa. Jazz Bez unites cities and countries. Last week you performed in Poland, and yesterday you «collected applause» in Lviv. When do you have time to relax in such a rhythm?

«We rest during sleep. It is also very important to love what you do. We do not get tired at concerts, but on the contrary — we are filled with smiles and applause from the audience. Only constant moving from one city to another can tire us».

What criteria are important for you when choosing? What factors should travelers pay attention to?

«The convenient location of the hotel is one of the key factors for us. In Odessa, we stayed at the Ribas Apart Hotel — in the very center of Odessa, but far from the hustle and bustle. Silence in the hotel is very important for us. This is the only way to fall into deep sleep and gain strength as quickly as possible. Therefore, most often we choose hotels with small number of rooms».

TIP #1. Stay at the hotel with comfortable rooms for you. Do you plan to work? Then pay attention to co-working zone in the hotel and Wi-Fi. Identify the details of the room that are important to you and indicate them when booking. The administrator will select the perfect number for your needs.

Advise how to plan a trip to spend time in the city as productively as possible?

«Firstly, save time on moving around the city. To do this, we carefully choose the location of the hotel. For example, from the Ribas Hotel to Urban Music Hall, where we performed today, just 5 minutes by car.

The city center will be the best solution for living even for ordinary travelers, who come for a one-day city tour. Most of the sightseeings are located there, as a rule».

TIP #2. We advise all travelers to choose the place of residence before arriving in the city. Book a hotel room in advance and you will significantly save time on finding accommodation and spend it sitting in one of the best coffee-places.

Hotels in the center of Odessa.

Deluxe Room of the Ribas Apart Hotel in the center of Odessa

How to feel the atmosphere of the new city in just one day?

«The atmosphere is created by the locals. In Odessa live very friendly, open and emotional people. We noticed this in 10 minutes of our stay in the city. Even in spite of rainy weather, the smiles on the faces of passersby do not disappear. Yes, and at the hotel we were greeted very warmly, the administrator immediately offered us warm tea».

TIP #3. Communicate more with locals — go to public places, popular cafes and concerts. Ask passers what places to visit. We are sure that after half an hour one of the locals will offer to hold a small city tour for you.

Do you have time to see the sights in the cities where you hold concerts?

«Unfortunately, we have time only to eat and relax in the room before the performance. But even the hotel, as it turned out, can tell a lot about the city. Ribas Apart — a hotel with a history! I lived in the Duke de Richelieu room, and Mirko — in the Marazli room. They have done a lot for Odessa», — says Zilard, a drummer of the band, sharing his impressions.

Silhouette group in Ribas Apart Hotel

We advise you to come again and spend at least a week here. Odessa welcomes tourists all year round!

«We will gladly return to see the city! We fell in love with Odessa from the first minutes of stay. Thank you for your hospitality. We are glad to be here!»

Victoria Panchenko

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