Ski resorts of Ukraine, how to choose your own?


     The most prestigious and popular ski resort in Ukraine of European level. It is unique in its natural and climatic conditions. The Carpathian Mountains cover it from the cold winter winds, which creates comfortable conditions for recreation in winter and autumn. 60 trails of all levels with a length of 55 km. Some trails have 24-hour lighting. On the basis of Bukovel you can relax and recuperate (there are springs of mineral water). There is an international children's camp.

This is the place where you can rent anything you want: snowmobiles, skiboards, snow tubes. For beginner skiers there is a ski and snowboard school with the possibility of both group and individual lessons. In addition, the school provides skills training for experienced skiers.
Bukovel Carpathians are not only ski slopes and huts:

  • medical and balneological center,
  • disco,
  • skating rink and playground,
  • spa and fitness center,
  • Russian and Finnish sauna.

In addition, dinners, races, Hutsul parties, excursions, hikes, and musicians are organized for the holidays.


     In the lush wreath of mountain settlements stretched the most beautiful flower - the famous resort of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which helps to relax not only body but also soul. It has not only a clean mountain climate, but also a convenient location, and it is a unique area located within the Carpathian National Biosphere Reserve.

From active entertainments Yaremche offers:

  • hike in the surrounding mountain forest
  • sledding, skiing,
  • horseback riding,
  • rafting,
  • exciting routes on mountain ATVs and bicycles,
  • various kinds of excursions in nature and the city.
  • visits of local shepherds in the mountains, who will get acquainted with their way of life and teach how to cook the most delicious natural sheep cheese.
  • preventive or curative course in local sanatoriums.
  • soak in huge tubs with hot water on a hot fire, surrounded by green forest in the open air.

Yaremche is a resort with Hutsul culture and a very well-developed infrastructure. Shops, countless restaurants, cafes and huts.


     An urban-type settlement located in the Skole district of the Lviv region at an altitude of 590 meters above sea level. Slavske is known as a good place for summer and winter holidays and as a ski resort in the Carpathians.

Highly developed infrastructure, convenient transport location, favorable climate, a large number of different trails, numerous houses, hotels and recreation centers in Slavske have made the resort in recent years one of the most popular in Ukraine.

Beginners will enjoy the "Great Valley of Teapots" - an area for beginners. There are other equipped places for skating in Slavske, the choice is great.

5 reasons to choose Slavske resort:

  • The presence of a chairlift to Trostyan and Vysokyi Verkh.
  • Beautiful views of Slavske from Mount Trostyan.
  • Trails of different levels, several mountains for skiing.
  • The private sector of Slavske is well developed, you can rent cheap housing.
  • It is convenient to get by train and car.


     The highest mountain ski resort in Ukraine, located at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level, at the junction of coniferous forests and alpine meadows at the foot of Mount Stig in the mountains Bliznytsia. The unique relief of the slopes and the unlimited amount of snow in the area of ​​Dragobrat attracts fans of extreme skiing. Dragobrat is the pearl of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Due to the significant altitude and unique climate, the presence of natural snow cover is guaranteed. Strong skiers and snowboarders go to Dragobrat, for whom the main thing is not rest, but skiing. Minus the resort - inaccessibility and lack of lighted trails. Dragobrat's feature is the atmosphere. Audience feature: professional skiers. 

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