Prepare a swimsuit in winter — the benefits and risks of early booking

Before we finished to eat the New Year salads and enjoy the snow (or rain, if you are from Odessa), as tour operators immediately began to hint that summer is not far off. And these hints are pretty tempting. Today we will talk about early booking: let's look at the main advantages and possible risks. In the article you will find good news from the Ribas Hotels Group, but first things first.

«Irresistible» discount

We know your weakness and understand how hard it is to hold out before a spontaneous purchase, when you see «Discount». And if it is 50% Off, then even the lack of money will not be able to stop your desire to catch the hot. But do not rush to take credit for your summer trip. Some discounts and promotions may have pitfalls.

Like any supermarket or mass-market stores, tour operators lies or tell half-truths. Look at the asterisks (*) under the banner with the discount. Be sure to read all the information about this offer on the site. But it is best to clarify all the details of early booking with the managers on these phones. Be careful.

Advice to travelers — create a wishlist of countries and hotels where you would like to visit, and monitor prices. View the cost of tours for a couple of weeks before the annual discounts like early booking. Make sure that the price was not raised the day before and then reduced. Do not let yourself be fooled.

Book now — pay later

One of the advantages of the early booking campaign is partial payment of the reservation. So, many hotels and travel companies are only asked to make a prepayment, and the rest — on arrival. That is, booking a hotel room for the summer you will have another six months to earn the full cost. Excellent motivation to work more productively, right?

Get the best first

Family rooms with sea view are booked first. Therefore, it is worth thinking about vacation in advance, if you do not want to crowd in a double room.

Specify booking conditions

None of us is 100% sure of our long-term plans, and even more than in the next six months. And what if you suddenly decided to change the room? For example, booked for two, but decided to come with friends. To avoid unpleasant situations and not to lose money, carefully review the booking conditions on the hotel website or check with managers.

So that you do not suffer and do not make up the questions that should be asked to the manager, write down:

1. Will the hotel refund prepayment upon cancellation?
Make sure that in case of unforeseen circumstances the money will be returned to you. For example, Ribas Hotel Group, if you cancel a reservation 2 weeks before the arrival, we will refund the prepayment in full. If you warn us about the cancellation for 1 week — the hotel returns 50% of the prepayment amount. If you cancel your reservation in less than a week, the deposit will not be refunded.

2. Can the hotel change the room?
As a rule, hotels can easily replace the booked room with a room of another category. This is what happens in the Ribas Hotels Group network, but there are two conditions: availability of rooms of the category you are interested in and surcharge (in case the room is more expensive).

Year — new, prices — old

Even children know that Ukrainian prices tend to grow every year. We are not able to influence inflation and pricing yet. In the meantime, the discount is our everything. Be alert and watch out for temporary price reduction. But do not lose your sanity either, you remember.

Ribas Hotels Group has already held the «Early Booking» and has sold part of the summer tours at a reduced price. Recall that this discount in the hotel Ribas chain exists not the first year. According to the statistics of 2018, the guests of the Odessa region love to save on summer vacation. Saving on cost, but not on emotions and the quality of the holidays — an important clarification.

Last year, 174 guests booked rooms in our network for 415 days before the start of the summer season.

Use discounts wisely and spend summer time with pleasure.

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