Travel in the Kherson region

Kherson region is the watermelon capital of Ukraine, a place of contrasts, legendary architecture and youth spaces. Napoleon himself wanted to serve here, and that means a lot. What interesting things can you see in such a seemingly ordinary city of Kherson?

The RHG hotel chain has prepared some really interesting places for you. We went to Kherson ourselves to find the best places worthy of your attention and time.

So, you should start exploring the city from a unique place called Play Hotel by Ribas to leave your belongings, have a snack and go on an exciting journey to unknown places.

The Ribas hotel chain has just opened the doors of the new Play Hotel. Kherson also appeared on our hotels’ map, and we are very happy about that. But we are even more happy to receive our first guests.

So what to see in this city:


It is worth starting your acquaintance with the city from the first construction of the Kherson region — the Ochakovsky gate. They open the fortress and are deservedly named one of the most famous sights of the city.

Ochakovsky gate

Surprisingly, they are over 240 years old! As well as the Moscow Gate — the second important building in the city. In general, this place connects the past and the present together. And this is impressive.

No, though. What is really impressive and even surprising is that the Kherson fortress was built right before the city itself. Usually fortresses are built to protect the city, but not in this case. A fortress was built here, and a city was built later in order for it to function. Those, in fact, Kherson became the protection of these triumphal structures, and not vice versa. Now you can tell about it to the same tourists as you!

Let's continue our journey. If you walk from the gate through a shady park, then you will get straight to the Catherine Cathedral.


Thanks to Catherine the Great in 1778, Kherson appeared on the map. And this event served as an excellent reason to build the cathedral.

Textured, relief columns, a two-century history and a well-groomed blooming area make this cathedral an attractive tourist destination. An ideal area for privacy and relaxation.

233 years ago, the Empress herself was here. So the cathedral is definitely worth your attention.


A small note: Plavni is a huge, swampy territory of the Dnieper delta, which breaks up into branches and small channels, forming islands. Kherson is located exactly at the confluence of the Dnieper with one of the large arms.

And yet, this is a gorgeous place for a drive vacation. Rent a boat (or water taxi, as it is also called) and go to look at a separate city on the water. There are dozens of houses here that can be reached only by boat. The picturesque place resembles Venice or even the Amazon area.

Wildlife on one side and port on the other. A city of contrasts in full glory.

By the way, don’t forget to dine at the restaurant on the water. The taxi driver will tell you the way.


Ships run here regularly and you can look at the Dnieper in all its glory. The port has retained the spirit of seafaring, but slightly lost its appearance. After Odessa, this port, unfortunately, only impresses with its ruin. But the Dnieper is always beautiful, no matter what surrounds it.


What is unusual here? A real skeleton of a mustachioed fin whale lives here. Its length is 26 meters. Brought in 1960 by graduates of the nautical school, who very successfully went fishing.

P.S. Don't worry, of course it wasn't fishing. But where the whale was brought to Kherson and why — will tell the guide at the museum.

What to eat?

For local cuisine, try the grilled watermelon. Served with spices and cheese — perhaps the most unusual dish in Kherson.

And instead of fridge magnets, buy watermelon honey as souvenirs. Haven't you heard either? Then the city will definitely have something to surprise you.


Well, if you like modern art, then do not hesitate to go to the Kherson Urban Cad. This is a cultural space that everyone should visit. A group of creative people from the abandoned area has created a unique creative space. And with this he calls to ennoble and decorate the abandoned territories that are in every city. Today festivals and concerts are held here.

Interesting fact:

Kherson is a city of columns. You will be impressed by the number of houses with this architectural structure. You can see the columns in the central registry office, the Regional Theater named after Kulish, and the Holy Spirit Cathedral with icons of museum value.


Suvorov Street is the soul of the city. A pedestrian street that even locals advice to walk.

Suvorov Street

There are tourist signs. Including in English. So do not be afraid, you will not get lost. Well, if you are staying at the new Play hotel of the RHG network, then you can always call the reception. We are sure they will gladly tell you where to eat and what to see.


When you have seen all the sights within the city, take some time and go on a tour of the Kherson region. In addition to the banal «swim in the sea» you should:

— go to the Aktovsky canyon, which is rightly called the Ukrainian Grand Canyon;

 Aktovsky canyon

— go on a wine tour and taste Kherson wine at Trubetskoy’s chateau;

— get to the Ukrainian Maldives, namely the island of Dzharylgach;

Dzharylgach Island

— open a reserved oasis in the steppe Askania-Nova and look at zebras and camels in their natural environment;


— conquer the largest desert in Europe — Oleshkovsky sands;

Oleshkovsky sands

— find pink lakes and take fantastic photos!

Lemurian lake

Lemurian lake of the Sivash inflow is one of the most famous pink lakes in Ukraine. We advise you to go directly to the Ivanovskaya foreland — here is the best place to see this beauty. The lake water has 35% salt, which is a very high index. Even higher than the Dead Sea. This place is inspiring and mesmerizing.

We saw such a diverse Kherson region. Traveling to the Ukrainian lands will definitely diversify your everyday life.

But after such an eventful adventure, do not forget to have a good rest and sleep. Play Hotel waiting for you in Kherson. Book in advance and come.

Explore Ukraine with us. See you soon!

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