Travel during the war: where should Ukrainians go and is it appropriate to rest at all?

Who among us has not faced a sense of guilt during these months due to the fact that it is possible to live a more or less calm, ordinary life, smile and be happy. And even if you don't have an internal conflict, there were definitely those who were not ashamed to condemn your "normal" life.

We want to assure you: rest is not just normal, but necessary. This gives you energy that you use on your "front" - helping loved ones, victims, supporting the country's economy. Now more than ever it is necessary to continue living.

Well, we have dealt with the rest. What about travel?

We asked Artur Lupashko, the founder of the company, what he thinks about it.

"Arthur, do you think it's okay to travel during a war?"

- Of course, it's normal. This is rest. People need it to recover and continue to work. And it doesn't matter if you are military or civilian.

Resting close to nature - in the mountains, on reservoirs, in glamping sites helps to distract yourself and fill you spiritually. This is very important now, because every day we overload ourselves with information related to the war. To survive this difficult period, you need to be attentive to yourself and your physical and psychological health. I would advise you to choose a vacation that strengthens health — in nature, with healthy food and active pastime.

Agree with Arthur. Unfortunately, there are currently no places in the country that can be called safe (apart from warehouses, of course). Therefore, why not spend time in beautiful places that soothe or even inspire?

Just a few recommendations:

— still do not ignore anxiety, remember the rule of two walls. No matter what, it's your safety.

- It is better to avoid trips to cities where active hostilities are currently taking place. Give preference to those cities where it is safer.

Where can you rest, what can you visit?

Odesa is a stable pearl near the sea.

As of July 2022, Odesa is quite quiet and quite safe (thanks Air Defense). What, unfortunately, we cannot say about Odesa region. The establishments in the city are open and work usually until 9:00 p.m. Of course, you can only look at the sea, and as much as possible, get your feet wet in the allowed places. It is better to sunbathe and swim at beach complexes with a pool.

Our hotels are also open. We are happy to arrange a comfortable and safe rest for you.

In Odesa, there are Bortoli at 19 Torgovaya (city center) and WOL.121 at 121 Fontanska Road (right next to the sea). The prices have been reduced, and the service has only improved. By the way, apartments WOL.121 are also available for long-term rent. Therefore, we will be glad to see you, even with small pets - children and pets.


Since the beginning of the war, many Ukrainians have gone to western Ukraine. Both close to the borders and further from the ominous neighbor.

Now you can also go to the nature of the Carpathians by train, car or bus. Roads are no longer as congested as in March or early May.

But there is one downside. Housing in Transcarpathia has become more expensive, and it is not so easy to find vacant homes. By the way, in Odesa, on the contrary, the cost of renting housing has decreased significantly. But you can always check the availability of rooms at the Ribas Karpaty hotel in Bukovel and Helios.

Ribas Rooms Lutsk is open in Lutsk.

Now each of us has understood more than ever what it is like when every day can become the last. Therefore, give yourself the right to live, travel, enjoy every minute. But with reason and all responsibility.

We believe that soon we will congratulate each other on the victory, receive even more guests. In the meantime, we support each other and do everything to bring the long-awaited peace closer. Keep yourselves!

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