Today I confidently declare that this will be the most stylish hotel of Bukovel

«Today I confidently declare that this will be the most stylish hotel of Bukovel», — Arthur Lupashko about new project of Ribas Hotels Group

At the end of 2019 Ribas Hotels Group will open its first hotel in Bukovel. «And not the last», — says Arthur Lupashko, founder and CEO of the hotel chain. We learn at first hand what will surprise guests and what will be unique in the new Ribas Bukovel Hotel.

Arthur, why Bukovel?

«Today Bukovel is the best ski-resort in Eastern Europe and the most developed resort in Ukraine. From 2014 it confidently occupied the niche of summer resorts and started to compete with popular seaside towns of Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson regions.

In Bukovel was done everything to become a year-round resort:

  • was created an artificial Lake of Youth, which become great alternative to the sea;
  • was built floating bridge and VODA Club with a variety of restaurants, beach activities and water attractions;
  • developed a plan and partially implemented pedestrian and cycle paths throughout the resort;
  • developed a sports infrastructure — equipped football fields, volleyball, tennis courts.

Many Ukrainians, choosing between the Black Sea and the Ukrainian mountains, prefer Bukovel. The sea coasts begin to give way to the well-groomed beaches near the Lake of Youth with equipped changing rooms, deck chairs and showers.

As you understand, we couldn’t get past a resort of this magnitude. In addition, requests for winter hotels from our regular guests and even tour operators began to come more and more often. “When will new modern hotels appear in Bukovel?” — they ask. There are potential guests, and soon there will be a hotel».

Tell us more about the location of the hotel.

«When choosing the territory for Ribas Bukovel, the emphasis was placed on a convenient location — pedestrian and car accessibility to all the benefits of the resort. On New Year 2019 with Ribas Hotels Group we lived in the hotel, that is under construction, and tested the location — it takes only 3-4 minutes to go to the first ski-elevator, parking, shops, ski-passes and ski-rental points. Located Ribas Bukovel in the Karavai village on the Vishnya 162A street».

What is the uniqueness of the hotel? What inspired you in design creating?

«Ribas Bukovel will differ by more modern approach to design. We took into account the trends of the third decade of this century, which will be relevant in 2020 and beyond. We use trend colors, unique design solutions in furniture, in landscaping. This you will see for yourself.

We don’t just build hotels, but develop the hotel industry of Ukraine. Ribas Bukovel will not differ only by the presence of swimming pool or restaurant, because these benefits are in many hotels of the resort. We try to predict what will be relevant in a few years, and take this into account during building right now. Creating hotels of the future that can compete with such global hotel chains like Marriott and Reikartz is our goal. By the way, we were inspired by the planning decisions of these particular hotels, but implemented things, that wasn’t use there yet. What exactly? Soon you’ll see for yourself».

Now it`s the time to talk about a restaurant in Ribas Bukovel. I assume, here you are going to surprise as well?

«Definitely. Creating the concept of restaurants, we were inspired by our favorite homemade dishes, but with claim on high cuisine. In the menu we decided to combine Ukrainian and Mediterranean delicacies, using authentic and modern recipes. Traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine you will see in an ultra-stylish serving. It will be delicious and at the same time in a new way».

«SPA I would call cosmic»

Will it be the first SPA hotel in Ribas Hotels Group?

«The first and not the last. We placed a big emphasis on SPA in Ribas Bukovel — it will be cosmic.

A large SPA area will include:

  • 15 meter's swimming pool with jacuzzi
  • Russian bath
  • hammam steam room
  • Finnish sauna
  • salt therapy room
  • ice room
  • massage rooms

Guests will be able to drink Carpathian tea in a juice bar».

Where else you can entertain yourself at the hotel, in addition to the SPA?

«Children will be able to spend time on the playground. We collaborated with IMLA architects, exclusive Ribas partners, and wanted to make playground special. And I think we did it.

Also, in summer, guests can relax in the lounge area with sun loungers and sofas. It will be on the roof just above the restaurant. The view of the mountains is fascinating here».

It's time to talk about the part of the hotel, where guests spend much more time. What interesting can we see in the rooms?

«The hotel will have 45 rooms of various categories. But one will be special. This is a room for people with disabilities. There all the details will be made separately on order.

According to state building norms (SBN), all hotels in Ukraine are obliged to provide a room for such people. Unfortunately, only a few hotels adhere to these rules. Our hotel chain has chosen a policy to build new projects as close as possible to the SBN. We want to get a star only in honest way. Therefore, we fulfill all the requirements of standardization and standards».

What will be done for skiers and snowboarders?

«For them, we specially designed a large storage room for skis and snowboards. Separate lockers, comfortable benches, dryers — there will be enough places for everyone. We engage professional skiers, snowboarders and ordinary people, who love ski holidays».

And for those who like to work on vacation?

«For them in Ribas Bukovel was designed a co-working zone on the second floor. I am sure you have not worked with such a breathtaking view of the mountains. This place can be used for workshops and even yoga classes — quite universal area. We also provided a workplace in the rooms».

What services can guests use?

«The service “Raise guests’ mood by special smile of hotel administrator”. Joke :) We can order a transfer, rent a car (special vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles), organize leisure. A tour to Synevir, a climb to Hoverla, a sleigh ride with huskies — there is something to do at the resort. By the way, for those who arrived by his own car, in front of the hotel is an indoor five-story parking. For hotel guests it will be free».

Arthur, tell us a secret — will there be any other Ribas hotels in Bukovel?

«Certainly. For example, in Ukraine there are no children's camps that would meet all the requirements. About this I repeatedly hear from friends. Therefore, we plan to implement our plan and build a modern camp in Bukovel. Large-scale infrastructure, sports areas, the stage — there will be everything needed for active children. In the summer it will be a camp, in the winter — a hotel for a budget tourist. Now we communicate with the head of the association of children's camps, think over all the details. In the meantime, we are actively engaged in Ribas Bukovel».

When can we come to the opening of Ribas Bukovel?

Now the hotel is under construction. We will launch the first part by the New Year, the second part — by May 2020. I look forward to it, I hope you too ;)

Sure, Ribas Bukovel will conquer the hearts of all the guests.

by Victoria Panchenko

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