The best ski trails for beginners and professionals

Modern ski resorts are not just a few descents, ice rinks and snowboards for rent, but real winter towns with many hotels, cable cars, winter attractions, various trails for various winter sports.
Europe is rightly considered the center of the best ski resorts, which vary in price, conditions and variety of activities. But we should not forget about the possibilities of the native country.
For all levels of training:

Bukovel, Ukraine - European-level vacation in the Carpathians

For Ukrainians, Bukovel is synonymous with the highest quality. The complex is located between three mountain peaks - Dovga, Chorna Kleva and Bukovel, 920 meters above sea level. The season starts in December and lasts until April, because thanks to snow cannons and equipment for leveling trails, the ideal condition of the surface is maintained even with the arrival of spring. The trails have lighting, which allows you to continue entertainment in the dark.
Considering the ski resorts of Ukraine, it should be noted that Bukovel is suitable for inexperienced beginners and amateurs, as well as professionals. The total length of mountain descents reaches 50 kilometers. There are a total of 62 descents with different levels of difficulty, the lightest of which are highlighted in blue. Routes of medium difficulty are marked in red, and routes of professionals - in black. Bukovel is distinguished by its well-developed infrastructure. There are ski bars on site, and ski lessons are available at the ski school.

Kitzbühel, Austria

Kitzbühel is a cozy old town located in the eastern part of Tyrol. This winter resort is one of the most famous and oldest not only in the Alps but also in the world. It combines classic Tyrolean country houses with designer boutiques of international brands. Kitzbühel is 7 ski regions with a single ski pass, which provides access to 350 lifts and 1,000 km of slopes. The most popular ski safari here in Kitzbühel-Resterhee with a length of 164 km includes 52 trails. Here is the famous Streif World Cup ski slope and the impressive Paradise Garden snowboard park. One of the world's largest networks of ski slopes with a length of about 120 km allows fans of skiing of any skill level to try their hand. All routes near Kitzbühel are amazing scenic spots. Fantastic snow cover is not all the beauty of a ski resort. Every January, the world's most famous skiers come to this historic city to take part in the Hanenka ski race. The legendary Hanenka downhill track in Kitzbühel, Austria, has long been considered a "classic" of skiing, but still has the reputation of being the most difficult track in the world. This is a real test for an athlete who runs on narrow downhill skis at speeds over 100 km / h.

Zakopane, Poland

Zakopane resort is located near the border with Slovakia, in the basin of the Tatra Mountains. This place is also called the northern capital of Poland. The city center is located at an altitude of 840 m above sea level.
Beautiful climatic conditions, unique nature, fresh air, rich in healing balm of coniferous forests that grow on mountain slopes and contain trace elements and essential oils, are ideal for people with health problems.
There are three main skiing areas in Zakopane - Kasprowy Wierch, Gubałówka and Nosal. The main, highest and with guaranteed snow - Kasprovy Verkh (1988 m) is located on the slopes of the main Tatra ridge south of the resort. To the west of the city stretches the long ridge Gubałówka (1120 m), and slalom competitions are usually held on a small, fairly steep slope Nosal (930-1135 m).
The peak of Kasprowy Wierch (1988 m) in the main ridge of the High Tatras is located on the border of Poland and Slovakia. The northern and north-eastern slopes of Kasprowy Wierch are, in fact, the main and only high-altitude skiing area in Poland, the most popular but also crowded. Its slopes belong to the category of difficult, some trails have FIS certificates (according to the International Ski Federation). The ski season on the slopes of Kasprowy Wierch officially begins in November and lasts under favorable conditions until early May.
Most trails for intermediate and vocational training:

Dragobrat, Ukraine

Considering the best ski resorts in Ukraine, we must mention Dragobrat. The ski base is located at a great distance from the villages, which allows you to fully experience the amazing nature and breathe fresh mountain air. The complex is located surrounded by mountains at an altitude of 1500 meters, so suitable for skiing snow is kept here from November to May and persists even in periods when other places snow cover is no longer available. Among the ski resorts of Ukraine in the Carpathians Dragobrat is considered the most beautiful and high mountain. It can be found near the slope of Mount Stig, which rises at the point of transition of climatic zones from coniferous forests to the area of ​​alpine meadows.
There are 20 trails with a height difference of up to 500 meters from 300 to 2000 meters, the total length of which reaches about 10 km. The resort has freestyle tracks of world importance. Some of them are laid directly through the woods.
Dragobrat is a great place for extremes, but it is difficult to recommend this complex for family vacations, because the infrastructure for family vacations here is underdeveloped, and the point itself remains one of the most difficult in the Carpathians.

Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier Ski Resort is the most famous place for active recreation in the Four Valleys region of Switzerland. This place is very lucky with the location: due to the height of the snow persists throughout the holiday season, and the local terrain provides ample opportunities for freeride and expert descent. It is believed that it is best to go to the Verbier route for intermediate and expert level extremists. The second name of the resort - "Mecca of Freeride" speaks for itself.
Verbier resort is located at an altitude of 1500 m near the top of Grand Saint Bernard between the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc, in the French-speaking part of the canton of Valais. The resort is located in the mountain valley of Bagnes (Bagnes), which offers a magnificent view of the alpine massifs and Mount Mont Blanc, which received three Michelin stars.

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