Do Not Forget: 10 Important Things to Travel

Going on a trip? Cool! We’ve prepared a special checklist for you, without trivial points on how important it is to remember to put documents and one more pair of socks in the trip. Our checklist will help you to prepare emotionally for the upcoming path.

There are an incredible amounts of lists with multipurpose tips and lifehacks for tourists. But those that are really reasonable among them, alas, not enough. Each of these lists pursues its own motives, it is compiled based on someone’s else views. We want to try to give universal advice that will really help you in any travel.

Inner voice

The needs of each person are individual, and that’s normal. Do not get upset if your preferences mismatch with the desires of your partner or your best friends, even if this has never happened before. Changing your plans for the sake of others to the detriment of yourself, doing what you absolutely do not want to is not a noble cause and does not make any sense. Remember that you go on a trip only for positive emotions, and not just to please someone else.

Before you begin, be sure to discuss all your plans, desires and preferences. And just remember that one day spent separately is normal practice, because everyone will be able to do what he personally wants. And you can share emotions and funny stories experienced during the day in a cozy restaurant for dinner.

Mutual respect

There are hundreds of different cultures in the world, and each has its own traditions and habits. And here it should be understood that you should not put yourself on a step higher than others. Stereotypes and prejudices have long become relics of the past. Try not to openly express your opinion and indignation on this or that occasion, but just remember that for someone you can also be ‘strange’. Better try to free yourself from prejudice and study in more details, and most importantly, try to understand a new culture for yourself.

We advise you to study history and delve into the traditions of the country before traveling to distant lands. Upon arrival, chat with local residents, because only in this way you will know what kind of people live here, how they live and, most likely, they will teach you many interesting things.

Foreign culture can shock, it’s a fact. But do not tell others that they live wrong (because you think so).

Once our good friend decided to go on a trip around the world. Of course, part of the route crossed the territory of some African lands, where people still live in tribes. She was so struck by their living that she spent several days with them, simultaneously broadcasting everything on social networks. She demonstrated to subscribers that the aborigines are rather civilized people who simply decided not to change their lifestyle. And now we know that many tribes dress into ordinary clothes, and do not wear loincloths, as in ancient times.

If you are very impressed with what you saw and you really want to change someone’s lives for the better, then try to find out what you really can do for them. The modern benefits of civilization allow us to provide information support literally with a single click. Show your experience in social networks, connect the public for the solution of the problem, there will be caring people for sure.

Take things easier

Now we are talking not about spending all the money on the first day of travel, but about the fact that you should not be afraid to leave things. What you took with you on a trip can only be a burden that takes up space. For example, if your trip is coming to an end, leave the medicine in the hostel’s first-aid kit. Very often, our guests in Friday hostel leave non-perishable foods for hungry travelers. This is quite normal, and it’s even very pleasant that somebody takes care of you. Or, maybe, you have small amount of money left in the currency, which does not make sense to exchange: give it to someone who can help it.


Every journey is a responsibility. Remember that you are traveling for pleasant emotions, relaxation and vivid memories, which means that you should think through all the little things in advance, check your luggage and all the necessary documents several times. And, of course, buy an insurance.

Plan B

Every minute of your trip can be scheduled and even the smallest details can be thought out, but no one has canceled force majeure and you should be prepared for them in advance. Bad weather, flight delay, local holidays — there are too many pitfalls that can ruin your mood. What to do in such a situation? First of all, we advise you from the very beginning to develop a plan B and come up with what you will do in case if something goes wrong. In the case of a delayed or canceled flight, do not panic, because you have the right to receive compensation for the inconvenience.

Self esteem

Travelers are a particularly popular target for manipulation and fraud, especially on popular resorts. Remember dozens of your friends’ stories who were taken from the airport to the hotel for 10 minutes, and were asked to pay $20 for the trip. Do not be afraid to defend your interests in any situation. The fact that you are a tourist does not make you to pay twice as much money for entertainment.

And stereotypes terribly annoy. For example, this one that Ukrainians drink a lot. Is it a shame to hear this? Of course. Is it worth to fight? Undoubtedly! Where to begin? For example, do not drink heavily on alcohol in all-inclusive.

Health protection

Remember those old traditional medicine methods that your grandmother bequeathed to you? Forget them, put them on the far shelf, we do not take them with us on a trip. Of course, yes, blood does stop from the plantain, but along with this, an infection is guaranteed to get into the open wound. In no case burns can be smeared with oil, this blocks the access of oxygen to the wound, and damaged joints should not be heated, this will only aggravate the pain.

Carefully prepare for all the possible risks of traveling: exotic flora and fauna can affect your body ambiguously, and plentiful sun baths can even bring you to the hospital. If you have a chronic illness, be sure to consult your healthcare provider before traveling. And yes, medication is not something to save space in your luggage.


If you plan to visit countries with a very different climate, consult your doctor, maybe he will recommend a vaccination. For example, the requirement for a certificate of vaccination against rabies or yellow fever is very common. They are made about one to two months before the trip, so that you have time to develop immunity.

Something for yourself

Any journey is stressful. Even if you are traveling to a country where you have already visited, a feeling of slight anxiety is unlikely to pass you by. Do not forget to leave a place in your luggage for this treasured ‘something’ and take your talisman, favorite book or toy with you. This is not stupid. Such things perfectly help to return us comfort and balance in stressful situations.

And do not be afraid that you will forget it. Indeed, many hotels, such as the Ribas chain, take care of such things, and will gladly return the talisman that was forgotten in your room.

The ability to laugh

One of the most important items on our list, which will definitely help you get a lot of pleasure from the upcoming trip. Laughter is a protective reaction of our body. Remember that through the ability to laugh at ourselves and at the situation, we fight stress by leveling it. Laughter overcomes our stiffness and fears, allowing you to relax. And it’s so much easier to overcome the language barrier and make new acquaintances, we checked on personal experience.

Traveling should always be approached with responsibility, but this does not mean that you need to be afraid of the unknown and the hassle that travel entails. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of visiting distant countries, taking a good rest from the bustle of the city and getting a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, we urge you: never be afraid! Want to go on a solo trip around the world? Forward! And we will try to tell you how to organize it correctly. Just be sure to check out our small checklist.

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