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Outdoor comfort: what attracts people to glamping?

<p>Today we would like to introduce you to the format of tourism and recreation, which combines the comfort of a hotel with the unique beauty ...

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The Pearl of Volyn: What to see in Lutsk?

<p>Lutsk, a city with a rich history and picturesque landscapes, is often called the pearl of Volyn. It is not for nothing that in 2022, durin ...

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TOP-6 places for summer vacation in Transcarpathia

<p>Charming Transcarpathia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine. This amazing region attracts guests primarily with its ...

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Do you love? Donate!

 BF "Return Alive" and Ribas Hotels Group collect 15 million   on KAZs to strengthen air defense БФ “Повернис ...

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Payment with Whitepay


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Conference room Radisson Hotel City Centre Odesa

Choose Radisson Hotel City Centre Odesa for your events, conferences, trainings and business meetings  A creative space in the centr ...

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Immerse yourself in summer with Ribas Hotels!

Summer is coming and that means vacation time is here! Now is the best time to plan your holiday and the Ribas Hotels chain offers many options for ...

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Meet the new Ribas Duke Boutique Hotel!

In September, Ribas Duke Boutique Hotel, located in the very center of Odessa, was added to the already large family of Ribas Hotels. More than 40 ...

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Travel during the war: where should Ukrainians go and is it appropriate to rest at all?

Who among us has not faced a sense of guilt during these months due to the fact that it is possible to live a more or less calm, ordinary life, smi ...

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Ribas Rooms Bila Tserkva - welcome to the new Ribas family hotel

Especially at this time, we continue to build, in contrast to all the events of 2022. "Bila Tserkva is a city with ...

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The best ski trails for beginners and professionals

Modern ski resorts are not just a few descents, ice rinks and snowboards for rent, but real winter towns with many hotels, cable cars, winter attra ...

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5 must see places in Odessa

Tolstoy's Palace The magnificent palace, located on the Sabaneyev Bridge, still attracts the attention of bo ...

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New Year in the Carpathians: a holiday in a fairy-tale atmosphere

It's time to plan the New Year holidays! Want to get into a real fairy tale? Feel the whole atmosphere of a winter holiday and get a big positi ...

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5 ideas to warm up in November

1. Go on a trip to the mountains and Transcarpathia. What could be better than to breathe fresh mountain air in ...

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Ribas Hotels Group joins the Fishka loyalty program!

From November 1, in the hotels of the Ribas Hotels Group, each of our hotels will be able to try the loyalty program in a test mode. Join ...

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How and for what are stars assigned to hotels?

What does the star of the hotel say? About the quality of the service or still about compliance with the list of certain parameters and ...

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Ski resorts of Ukraine, how to choose your own?

Bukovel      The most prestigious and popular ski resort in Ukraine of European level. It is unique in it ...

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Ukrzaliznytsia launches new trains to the Carpathians.

Now getting to your favorite resorts has become even easier! From December 12, 2021, Ukrzaliznytsia launches 5 new direc ...

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Travel during a pandemic, what you need to know for today?

Travel during a pandemic, what do you need to know? Travel has already become one of the basic needs of people, there is ...

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5 причин відвідати Карпати восени

Вас надихають гори? Відчуваєте захоплення від фарб осінньої природи? Тоді сміливо розглядайте відпочинок в Карпатах восени. Він, без сумнівів, пода ...

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Where to relax in Koblevo?

Плануєте відпочинок у Коблево? З нами ви відкриєте нову, якісну сторону курорту. На березі Чорного моря, між Одесою ...

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Discount in honor of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence!

By the 30th anniversary of National Independence, the Association of Hotels and Resorts of Ukraine has prepared special offers for booking hotels t ...

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Travel in the Kherson region

Kherson region is the watermelon capital of Ukraine, a place of contrasts, legendary architecture and youth spaces. Napoleon himself wanted to serv ...

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Autumn discounts and special offers for RHG guests — we have not done this before!

We are sure that not only fans of the hotel chain, but also entrepreneurs will be happy with our news! We have been hatching the idea for a ...

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12 life hacks for a hotel guests, that only a few people know about

Who if not the hotel staff will tell you secret tips on how to take a bathrobe with you, save money on a taxi and get a room upgrade for free? None ...

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А почему бы и да? Буковель летом правильное решение

Traditionally at the beginning of the year, everyone is planning their vacations for the summer period. In fact, it is logical, because why not giv ...

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Smile, you are filmed by a hidden camera

Not so long ago, a curious article appeared on ...

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Original tour, part 2

Relatives‌ ‌have‌ ‌already‌ ‌left,‌ ‌and‌ ‌that‌ ‌means‌ ‌that‌ ‌autumn‌ ‌has‌ ‌finally‌ ‌come.‌ ‌Time‌ ‌to‌ ‌continue‌ ‌our‌ ‌excursion‌ ‌delights ...

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Secrets and subtleties: how to work with booking.com

“What can go wrong if you pay for the reservation with someone else's card?” — you can ask. Our friend didn’t know eith ...

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Cheap and cheerful: we go to Odessa for weekend

The opinion that you shouldn't go to Odessa without money is a mistake. You can relax here absolutely on any budget. We will try to find more a ...

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Let's be people: how to behave in hostels

Every time you want to start feeling like you are at home, ask yourself: are you even at home? As you know, hostels are ...

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Do Not Forget: 10 Important Things to Travel

Going on a trip? Cool! We’ve prepared a special checklist for y ...

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Compensation for the delay and cancellation of the flight: myth or reality

In early April, our good friend decided to fly to Amsterdam, using the services of a carrier ...

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What is Travel Insurance

Surely you are ready for your long-awaited trip abroad: plane tickets are purchased, documents are all right and suitcase no longer closes. It is a ...

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Hotel, hostel or apartment?

Let's discuss something that can make anyone goes wild. Every time you are going on a trip to another city, you are facing serious housing issues. ...

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Low cost flights in Ukrainian

The representatives of the airlines tell us: ‘If you didn’t have enough money for a flight in business class, stop being upset, and go get cheap ti ...

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The original tour, part 1

Well, it’s time to give you a tour. Or a series of guided tours around Odessa. Also, we don’t like those popular places among tourists, ...

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Today I confidently declare that this will be the most stylish hotel of Bukovel

«Today I confidently declare that this will be the most stylish hotel of Bukovel», — Arthur Lupashko about new project of Ribas Hotels Group ...

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Prepare a swimsuit in winter — the benefits and risks of early booking

Before we finished to eat the New Year salads and enjoy the snow (or rain, if you are from Odessa), as tour operators immediately began to hint tha ...

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Journey in the rhythm of jazz. Tips to make trip the best trip ever.

How to have time to conquer the hearts of girls with sensitive musical performance, to see the city and fill yourself with energy before a new jour ...

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Bortoli celebrated first anniversary

December 1 Bortoli, that is located in the center of Odessa, celebrated the first year of successful work. It seemed that just yesterday ...

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Bright winter in Odessa

Odessa this winter will not let you get bored. Planned to drowsily look out the window, sitting at home with a glass of wine in anticipation of sno ...

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asked Questions

How can I book a room?

Traveler, just enter the desired dates, the number of guests in the booking module and get your confirmation. Or you can call 0800-756-756 and our manager will help with any questions.

How can I pay for accommodation?

Just book and you will immediately receive a link to pay to your phone number. And if you need to bill, it's not a problem, just call us.

When can I check in the booked room? What time is it necessary to go?

The room will be waiting for you from 14:00, and we will have to say goodbye at 12:00.

Can I extend my stay in the room?

Oh, it depends on the possibility. We will do our best to keep you in the room as long as you want.

Are there any price benefits for children?

Children up to 5 years old can stay for free without extra bed.

Can I live in a room with animals?

We are Pet Lovers, we love your furry friends and are always happy to see them at Ribas Hotels.